I want to thank you for your honesty this morning on our daughter's purchase of the tv cabinet.

I think you know it is my daughter's first purchase for her future home and it will make a great piece of furniture for her.

You could have let us pay the additional money but you were honest. My wife enjoys going to the estate sales and you will be on our primary list in the future. And our friends will hear of your sales.

Andy Barr



Around 8:30, the morning of my estate sale's first day, I got a phone call from a neighbor telling me that there were too many cars to count. The door to the sale didn't even open until 9.The neighbor wanted to know how I got so many people to come to the answer, "I hired Laurie Mcrae.

My mother died at 88 years of age. And she collected the "stuff" to prove it.

As a child, my mother used to drag me to antique stores. One, in particular wasn't really a store. It was this huge warehouse looking building that didn't have dealers or booths. People would bring their "stuff" in whatever condition and just drop it mostly on the floor. Buyers like my mother would wear their crummiest clothes and off we would go to pick through what appeared to be a lot of junk. She would buy some of this junk and after she finished repairing or refinishing or re-upholstrying, that junk had been transformed into a stunning piece of history. That is the reason I needed an appraiser since I had no idea the value of some of her pieces much less what to do with it since my taste runs modern.

I called an Augusta native and well-admired business man for a recommendation and he suggested Laurie Mcrae.

After seeing the contents of the house, Laurie suggested an estate sale to which I agreed since her reputation was one that gave instant credibility. Given she started years ago as the working owner of an antiques store followed by years in interior design and appraisals, she certainly know more than I did, even with Google. Besides, I believe in hiring experts and letting them do their thing. That's what I did.

It took Laurie and her extraordinary assistant, Tonia 4 whole days to unpack, price and display decades worth of collections my mother had acquired. That didn't count the hours spent researching what was to become valued merchandise.

The night before the sale, I must tell you how strange it was to see the valuables of my mother's life reduced to hanging price tages. Speaking candidly, the relationship I had with my mother was complicated. What I mean by that is whatever normal is supposed to be at a parent's death, well, I have no idea what that would be. Consequently, the process of disposing of her beloved treasures was bittersweet. What I didn't expect was that the woman handling this disposition, Laurie Mcrae showed such compassion and ease, let's just say I even had quite a few laughs through the entire process. I certainly didn't expect that.

Because of the referal source for my "appraiser" I expected competence. I had not expected kindness, true empathy and a great sense of humor. The calls I received from neighbors who came to the sale reinforced my opinions of Laurie. As one example, one neighbor called to tell me that another had bought quite a bit of merchandise including four, 100+ year old Dresden figurines that had been in my family for generations. He bought them for his wife who had died 2 years ago. He wanted them for the curio cabinet in which she displayed her prize poccessions. I immediately called Laurie to tell her since he had said he was coming back the next day. Her response, "I know. He's such a kind man. I told him I may have to divorce my husband and marry him." Her compassion was so transparent that these "customers" were telling her some quite personal motives.

The money taken in was what I had hoped. More importantly, some of my mother's friends were able to get items that had belonged to her for many, many years. I had previously given selected pieces to those closest to her in remembrance of their respective relationships. Those friends came to the sale, which I never expected. One 92 year old friend was thrilled to buy by mother's recipe boxes that were filled with her recipes. My mother was a cook of some renown.

At the end of the sale, when I was "allowed" back in the house, I told Laurie and Tonia that they hadn't made "one mistake". Other than they each sold the same bed, twice. I couldn't decide which was more believeable - they both told the truth and it was funny. For 2 days, they were slammed by around 200 people in and out of that small house and I guess it got a bit busy.

The morning after the sale, another neighbor called to say, "That Laurie Mcrae is amazing. She knows what's she doing and she is also one of the kindest people I've ever dealt with". Yea, I know

Stacey Fortson
Augusta, Georgia



Dear Laurie,

I want to take this opportunity to let you know how much our family appreciates the incredible amount and quality of work your group performed during our family's estate sale. During a difficult time, your professionalism and expertise provided a much needed reassurance and comfort level. Your integrity and honesty made my role as executor much easier than expected; particularly since I was _unable to be present during much of the process. Your ability to organize the sale and expert advice yielded higher than expected revenue. it was your knowledge and expertise that that uncovered the - value of the "egg tonge,sold-at auction. The amount of work your group had to do to empty the home of decade's worth of "stuff" was incredible. I cannot possibly adequately express my appreciation for what you accomplished.

Your service is exceptional. Please feel free to use me as a reference for any future opportunities you may have.

Best regards,



Dear Laurie,

I am writing this letter to thank you for taking over my Estate Sale when Kay could not complete this service due to medical reasons.

When I walked in that first day of setting up I was amazed at how much you had completed and the professional way you had it all arranged. You kept me well informed at all times which was very important to me. The two days of the Estate Sale were handled so professorial and the amount of people that were there buying astounded me. You had told me not to worry because you had connections with over 600 Estate Sale people, and you kept your word.

You also took pictures of a lot of the items and put them out there to those people.

I would highly recommend you to anyone that needs this type of service, and wants a completely honest and reliable person and that is you! What ever you promised to be done was taken care of completely and in such a professional manner. Again thank you so much for everything.

Sincerely yours,

Laurie McRae

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Certified Fine Arts Appraiser

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